Our customer from Australia with interest in coffee products (5-Dec-19)

Coffee is Indonesia well known commodity and it serve world wide. Coffee farmer is distributed in entire Indonesia and they cultivate their plantation carefully for yield a best quality coffee.

The Indonesia coffee philosophy and taste are spread all around the world, each continent, each nation, each region, for Arabica and Robusta. One of Indonesia coffee admire in the world are Australia. According to information that provide by our Australia customer, Indonesia coffee is well known in Australia and have a great taste. The roastery blend our Indonesia coffee each origin by each origin to generate the extraordinary taste.

5 December 2019, we present our Indonesia coffee products to our new customer from Australia, and we held a small discussion in the hotel lobby. After that, they show impressed with our products which come from Bengkulu, Sidikalang, Temanggung, Garut, Toraja, and East Java. And the discussion when smooth.

After the discussion we held a lunch together in local sunda restaurant, and serve fresh food to them. There are meat, vegetable, beans, and Indonesia traditional music to let them enjoy our Indonesia culture. We really enjoy it, and I hope they enjoy it as well.

After lunch, we bring them to local coffee shop which is a place that coffee being roasted by our partner professional. We serve them our local coffee shop signature before they went to the hotel.

It is a pleasure to know each other, and a memorable experience. Let’s expect that we have an opportunity to meet up in the near future to build a good relation in business and friendship. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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