Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a lot of natural resources. One of the well known resource is coffee. Indonesia coffee come from edge of west until edge of east Indonesia and well serve in global market with the unique taste of each region

Each region provide different profile of coffee such as fruity, strong fruity, sour, wine, woody, citrus, spicy, chocolate, caramel, etc. It is the nature of Indonesia coffee which is effect by weather and soil.

Indonesia coffee production capacity is fourth in the world after Brazil, Colombia, and Vietnam which annual production capacity roughly aroung 640.000 ton. However, Indonesia coffee bean is well known by their flavor and the price is the highest between other coffee.

Coffee cultivation has a history in Indonesia, and it play important role for Indonesia economic. Annually 275.000 ton of high quality Indonesia coffee has been deliver to world wide customer which come from each coffee plant that treated by our farmer carefully

Coffee is divided by three variety which is Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Majorly Indonesia coffee is Arabica and Robusta. Before coffee is enjoyed by end user, it need to processed into green coffee bean which come from coffee cherry.

The cherry is picked by farmer and it will be sorted between the good and the bad. After that, the cherry will be processed by different method. There are several method to processed cherry into a green bean which is full wash, semi wash, and natural method. And then, the cherry will become a green coffee bean and store in the domestic warehouse

Each method will determine the roasted coffee profile. After require the green bean, the coffee will be roasted according to roasting profile which is light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. After roasted the coffee is been grounded, and finally the coffee is ready to serve for high class restaurant, 5-star hotel, cafe, etc

We, wiranata group are able to provide a wide variety of Indonesia coffee which directly come from our farmer that we guarantee the best quality of the coffee bean that we supply to our customer.